Cats for rehoming


Status: I'm reserved...

Shadow has the most amazing orange eyes - he is truly mesmerising!  Shadow is 2 years old and came to us via one of our Inspectors.

At the moment Shadow is a little aloof - he sits there taking everything in but we are sure in a loving home he will be a great family pet.


Status: I'm reserved...

Lottie is a pretty young girl, about 18 months old.  She came to us via one of our Inspectors.

She is a little shy but we are sure she will blossom when she finds someone to love her!

  • Tabby White
  • Young Female
  • Shy
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Sylvester is an adult male. He was found with one of his front legs trapped in the collar he was wearing.  He had obviously been in the situation for some time as the collar had caused a nasty tear underneath his leg.  This has been treated and is now healing nicely.  Although Sylvester had a... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Misty is a lovely white cat, about 2 years old.  She came into our care as a stray and, becuase her ears had not been protected, she had developed a cancer on them.  Misty has now had the caner removed, which involved removing most of her external ears, and she is now on the mend.

Being... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Tammy is a young adult female. She is quite shy and would need a quiet home with loving, patient people.  Tammy has paired up with another female cat, Gloria, and they have become great friends.  It would be nice if they could find a home together.


Status: I'm reserved...

Gloria is a young adult female.  When she came into our care she had a broken leg.  This has been treated and she is now fine and ready to find her forever home. After her operation Gloria became very depressed but, since pairing her up with another female cat, Tammy, she has improved immensely... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Jet is a young adult male.  Again he was found as a stray.  Jet is friendly boy but probably not a lap cat, not yet at least!

  • Adult Male
  • Black
  • Friendly
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered
  • Call 01775 640629 to meet him

There is an... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Briana came to us as a stray, in a very sorry state.  She has a deep rooted infection in both of her ears, causing her a lot of pain. This will not respond to medication so Briana has had an operation on one ear to clear the infection out.  When she has recovered from this she will then have the... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Jordan is a young adult.  She came into our care as a stray with a severe skin condition, which has now been treated.  Jordan has lost a lot of hair but it will grow back.  She is a a grey, semi longhaired girl so will need plenty of grooming.  Jordan is quite feisty, so she needs someone... [read more]