Animals for rehoming



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Sherkhan was found as a stray.  He is a handsome tabby and white chap, just a little nervous at the moment while he gets used to his new surroundings.  Sherkhan is 8-9 years old.

  • Large Male
  • Tabby/White
  • 8-9 years old
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

George Bush, so called because his tail is fatter than he is, is an elderly gentleman.  He was found as a stray and in a terrible state, we thought he would probably have to be put to sleep. George is long haired, but was extremely matted, so he has had a lot of it shaved off. It will grow again... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Purdy is an adult female black cat, she came to us as a stray.  Purdy is a little reserved but does enjoy being stroked.  Once she has found her forever home we are sure she will blossom and make a lovely family pet.

  • Adult Female
  • Black
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Lovely Lucy Cup Cake is a young female cat. She came to us as her owner was too ill to look after her.  Lucy is really friendly, she comes when called but is quite shy and would probably be happier in a quiet household.

  • Young Female
  • Shy
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Bertie came to us as an injured stray.  He had open sores on his head, which have now healed up nicely. Bertie is a happy, friendly boy he loves to play and likes other cats. Bertie will make a lovely family pet.


Status: I'm reserved...

Charlie came to us as a stray with a suspected injured shoulder.  Nothing showed up on the xray so he just needs to rest it.  Charlie is a big cat with a few battle scars but he is a really friendly boy and would like to find a home with someone to love him.


Status: I'm reserved...

When Tammy came into our care her fur was badly matted.  She now has bald bits where the mats have been shaved off but it will all re-grow.  Tammy is a lovely girl, really friendly and loves a cuddle. She will make someone a lovely companion.  Tammy is long haired so will need regular grooming... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

This wonderful boy is Ghost. He has obviously been a stray for a long time, he is very battle scarred.  Ghost is a pure white boy, who we think is probably deaf.  Amazingly he is really friendly and loves attention.  Ghost will really blossom in a home of his own.



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Mac is a West Highland Terrier and he needs to find a home for him and his best friend, Penny, who is a King Charles Spaniel.  Mac is full of energy and fun to be with, Penny is the quieter of the two, she loves fuss and attention.  Penny is totally deaf and Mac looks after her.  They are a... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Berwyn is a 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier looking for a loving home.  He is a friendly boy and used to living with other dogs. Berwyn would make a great family pet or companion.

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • 4 Years Old
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered
  • Contact... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Flynn is a 2 year old Saluki X Collie.  Originally a rescue from Romania, he has come into our care as his owner could not longer look after him.  Flynn is quite a head turner with his distinctive colour and merle markings.  He can be nervous of people at first but once he knows you he is fine... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Dove is a sweet, 9 year old Staffy.  Earlier in her life Dove was rescued from being used as bait, so she is not confident around strange dogs, although she has recently been living with two other dogs.  Dove needs an understanding, loving home.


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Tia and Titch are adorable! Tia (brindle) is 9 and Titch (b/w) is 5 years old.  They are small, mixed breed dogs, both finely built.  They both love everyone and everything, although Tia is the quieter of the two. Tia and Titch know their basic commands and make such a sweet pair we would like... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

This lovely boy is Billy. He is a 12 year old Jack Russell who had to come to us as his owner went into residential care. Billy has been a much loved pet and is... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Gypsy is only 8 months old, very sweet little girl. She is a Maltese Cross and will make a lovely family pet or companion. Gypsy will need basic training.

  • 8 Months
  • Maltese Cross
  • Silver
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered
  • Contact Greenpeace... [read more]