Welcome to RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch

What we do

The Boston RSPCA Shop is open :

Monday           9am - 5pm 

Tuesday           9am -  5pm 

Wednesday      9am - 5pm 

Thursday         9am -  5pm 

Friday             9am - 5pm 

Saturday         9am -  5pm 

Sunday         Closed 

RSPCA Lincolnshire East rehabilitates and re-homes animals rescued by our Inspectors. We also promote responsible pet ownership and hold neutering and micro chipping animal action days.

We receive no Government money or any Lottery funding so the amount of help we can provide for animals is entirely dependent on how much money is generously donated by local people.

We also work with other local animal charities because with our limited funds we cannot do it all on our own!

For all cases of suspected cruelty to animals, please call 0300 1234 999

Please note

The RSPCA no longer take calls for lost pets, if you have lost or found a pet please go to Pets Located:

Visit the Pets located website

In line with national policy, this RSPCA Branch does not euthanase any animal in our care, unless it is advised by a vet, or the animal is a danger to the public.

[A map of the Branch area can be downloaded here.]


Special Appeal

In 2014, RSPCA centres and branches rehomed 53,263 animals, without Government funding!

We need local volunteers who are passionate about animals - don't worry if you can only lend a hand occasionally - every little helps! To support your local branch call 07967 565367

New homes needed

Most Staffies do not deserve the reputation they have. Staffies are friendly, affectionate little dogs that make lovely companions but are always overlooked by potential adopters. The Staffies in our kennels are all there through no fault of their own but can spend months, sometimes years, waiting for someone to love them. If you are considering adopting a rescue dog then please do come and meet our Staffies, let them steal your heart and change your mind!

Our Kennels Are Currently Full!

We urgently need to re-home the cats, kittens, dogs, rabbits and ferrets in our care to enable us to help the many others that are waiting to be rescued! 

We have over 30 cats waiting for their forever homes!
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